About LibreData

An Embarassment of Riches

That is what the libre data ecosystem provides.  Tools to process data of every size from a household inventory to all the posts and "likes" on huge social media sites, in every way imaginable from a simple count to complex filtering and aggregation.  If you have a data processing need, libre data products provide you the tools to get the job done.  Period.

The purpose of this site is to provide a bird's eye view of the libre data ecosystem.  Individual project websites are generally great for detailed information related to their product.  But how do the products compare?  If you're just jumping in, how do you know where to begin?  We will endeavor to help you understand the technologies and which ones are right for you.  We will also provide news, use cases, and tutorials.  Really, anything related to libre data is fair game!

Libre?  Free?

Yes!  Free as in you can use it with no cost and no license hassle for any purpose.  Even better than that, though, libre means free as in speech.  All the source code to these products is freely available under a license that allows you to read it, learn how it works, modify it, and pass it on to others.

Many of these products are created and supported by for-profit companies.  Sometimes they sell add-ons to the products.  Usually they sell support and consulting services.  That is great!  The core product is free.  Some users will find great value in the services provided by the creators.  Others will prefer to pass on paid offerings and use community support -- which is generally excellent!

Which products will we cover?

LibreData.com intends to cover database management systems of all kinds: SQL and NoSQL, client/server and embedded.  We will also write on related tools like form and report generators, backup and replication tools, etc.  If it is in the libre data ecosystem, it is fair game.

We will limit extensive coverage to well-established products that have excellent community support and free documentation on the web.  That way we will not lead you down the path to a relatively unknown product with few users.  (We may mention such products from time to time if we feel they are sufficiently interesting.)

Who is behind this?

I, Micah Yoder, am the creator of this site.  I have been using Linux and free databases since around 1996.  As finances permit I intend to bring in other authors.  Currently I am employed by a major cloud company.

You can contact me by emailling micah {AT} yoderdev {DOT} com.  Please include "libredata" in the subject line as I get a lot of spam and need to be able to filter.  Thank you for your input!